Angel's Flight


The film follows the story of Igor’s life, a young Bosnian diver from Mostar. He jumps off the famous bridge over Neretva, risking his life for a few euros a day in front of daily tourists. This is a film parable about Bosnian youth, left to their own devices in a post war context.

Director Statement 

Angel’s flight is the first movie I made in Bosnia that doesn’t talk about the war (1992-1995).  Yet we can feel its effects. I have chosen to follow daily life of Igor (26), whose wife is pregnant. Igor has been a diver since 2009. He works on the old bridge every day, jumping again and again for a few euros. Adis, a young Gypsy [Roma man], is training alone. He lives with his 10 brothers and sisters in the middle of a garbage site. While Igor is working in order to feed his family, Adis is training from a small platform. Who will have the privilege to perform the Angel’s flight?  My film talks about the significance of all our actions and how doing things that bring no material value can still bring a lot of meaning.  In poor countries like Bosnia, it is important to learn how to live without money and still be happy. I made this film to explore the essential life questions about poverty, emptiness and hope


Director: François Lunel

Director of photograpfy: François Lunel

Sound designer: Igor Marijanovic

Mixing: Adnan Musanovic

Producer: Rose Productions

Co-Producers: Promenades Films, BHRT, Vosges TV

Festivals: Impact doc Los Angeles : Recognition Award 2020

Awards: Best Documentary Avant & Una / Bihac Film Festival 2021 

Distribution: SPECTRE
M: +385913698265
Ivana Gorana Kovacica 25
10000 Zagreb